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Greywater – Seasonal Irrigation

Our watersheds are facing a crisis – that goes beyond supply and demand. Whole ecosystems are at risk due to loss of habitat from over extraction and excessive run-off due to increase in high intensity storms and loss of natural absorbing mechanisms.

We have to adopt methods that reduce potable water demand, whilst still maintaining standards of public health that we have built and developed through our history.

The summer season is clearly the most at-risk time for water resources, []

FortisBC Qualified Professional

Archineers are approved engineering consultants for FortisBC custom programs. Working with FortisBC we are qualified to assist customers in achieving savings in energy consumption and improved performance, which in turn leads to lower operating costs, increased profits and a lower carbon footprint.

The Performance Program for Existing Buildings provides funding for energy-efficiency projects for owners or long-term leaseholders of an existing commercial, institutional, multi-unit residential, light industrial or agricultural buildings.

For details on how to participate in the industrial optimizationsocial []

Tomlinson Corporate Headquarters

Archineers were invited to work with Christopher Simmonds Architects to during the concept design stage, to develop the building form, envelope and environmental strategy for the new Tomlinson HQ, Ottawa.

The project has a restored and re-naturalized landscape berm which is cut away and opens up at each entrance where the openings are lined with sloping, board-formed concrete.

The four levels are connected by an interior atrium which extends across the width of building and into the adjacent []

Fergie’s Café, Squamish

This is an inspirational project, much beloved – and currently greatly missed – by the local Brackendale and Squamish community. However, works are in progress for the new kitchen – which has been designed to operate in the most energy efficient manner possible – becoming quite probably the greenest kitchen in Canada. Local materials in the construction – making use of timber byproducts via StructureCraft in the form of DLT – and orientating the space to []

PODS – Net Zero Energy + Biophilic Design

The Pender Harbour Ocean Discovery Station (PODS) will be located in Irvines Landing, Sunshine Coast, BC, consisting of auditorium, aquarium, exhibit, dive centre, a restaurant and laboratories.

The overarching Sustainability goals of the project are Net-Zero Energy, Net-zero water and Biophilic architecture – to mimic natural systems in building and site design to enhance and restore natural ecological systems and human health benefits.

The architecture of the building incorporates integrated passive design strategies and other energy efficient mechanical systems. The owners and []

Canada Green Building Award for OC Daycare Passive House

Jury comments: As a structure designed to the rigorous Passive House standard, this building is notable for the beauty and simplicity of its environmental systems. The building relies mostly on local materials and very economical passive design strategies, yet also addresses cross-cultural issues and creates a symbolic new gateway to the college campus.

Award details here

Thames Tidal Powered School

Thames Tidal Powered School (2016/17)

The concept comprises a new building poised on the Thames wharf side at Cannon Street that is an exemplar of low embodied energy and carbon construction technologies, using natural and bio-renewable materials sourced through local supply chains.

The school will be a recognised centre of excellence at a European level, providing world-class facilities through its sustainable design and use of materials. The site is located directly at the narrowest section of the Thames – meaning that the velocity of the tidal []

Okanagan College Daycare

Okanagan College Daycare – Passive House (2016/17)


The Okanagan College Daycare project is seeking Passive House Certification, with specific focus on reducing primary energy consumption and improving occupant health and comfort.

The building envelope designed by LandformADB and constructed by Ritchie Design Build provides the most energy efficient barrier between the indoor comfort and external extremes of -20°C to +40°C.

BC Building Science carried out the Passive House envelope tests, supported by Certiphiers group.

Archineers provided the integrated design services to assist with securing []

PHC Member

Passive House Canada

Archineers are providing systems integration on several commercial and residential Passive House projects in Canada. The key to delivery of the engineering is by complete understanding of holistic design with the architect, contractor and client team. We have developed a close working relationship with the Passive House Institute.

Further information available here

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Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools

The classroom air quality must be improved. The promotion of rapid ventilation for air flushing of classrooms to exhaust body odour, flatulence and food/meals as well as the higher metabolic rate following break-time physical activity. Did Ole Fanger teach us nothing?

This goes beyond the steady state outdoor air supply rates typical for normal classroom activities when all students are calm and orderly. But for those times, typically after lunch, there needs to be a mechanism that allows teachers []