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Fergie’s Café, Squamish

This is an inspirational project, much beloved – and currently greatly missed – by the local Brackendale and Squamish community. However, works are in progress for the new kitchen – which has been designed to operate in the most energy efficient manner possible – becoming quite probably the greenest kitchen in Canada. Local materials in the construction – making use of timber byproducts via StructureCraft in the form of DLT – and orientating the space to maximise []

PODS – Net Zero Energy + Biophilic Design

The Pender Harbour Ocean Discovery Station (PODS) will be located in Irvines Landing, Sunshine Coast, BC, consisting of auditorium, aquarium, exhibit, dive centre, a restaurant and laboratories.

The overarching Sustainability goals of the project are Net-Zero Energy, Net-zero water and Biophilic architecture – to mimic natural systems in building and site design to enhance and restore natural ecological systems and human health benefits.

The architecture of the building incorporates integrated passive design strategies and other energy efficient mechanical systems. The owners and []

Canada Green Building Award for OC Daycare Passive House

Jury comments: As a structure designed to the rigorous Passive House standard, this building is notable for the beauty and simplicity of its environmental systems. The building relies mostly on local materials and very economical passive design strategies, yet also addresses cross-cultural issues and creates a symbolic new gateway to the college campus.

Award details here

PHC Member

Passive House Canada

Archineers are providing systems integration on several commercial and residential Passive House projects in Canada. The key to delivery of the engineering is by complete understanding of holistic design with the architect, contractor and client team. We have developed a close working relationship with the Passive House Institute.

Further information available here

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Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools

The classroom air quality must be improved. The promotion of rapid ventilation for air flushing of classrooms to exhaust body odour, flatulence and food/meals as well as the higher metabolic rate following break-time physical activity. Did Ole Fanger teach us nothing?

This goes beyond the steady state outdoor air supply rates typical for normal classroom activities when all students are calm and orderly. But for those times, typically after lunch, there needs to be a mechanism that allows teachers []

Forest Green Rovers proposal

Forest Green Rovers Eco-Stadium


The shortlisted design led by Richard Kroeker with Roly Hudson took into consideration the whole experience of the game being played within a natural setting – the stadium is treated as a landform covered in natural vegetation.

The seating in the stadium is oriented to face away from the afternoon sun and steeply raked to give spectators an intense experience close to the action on the field. The canopy is a tensile structure to protect spectators from rain, []


The MATCHBOX energy calculation tool offers a basis for communication between design consultants throughout the design process.

MATCHBOX enables systematic analysis of critical building energy flows related to climate, occupancy, envelope, and building orientation.

MATCHBOX does not create the design, or prescribe design solutions, but by quickly and simply quantifying, graphing, and tracking the energy effects of design decisions, it can give building designers a clear, quick measure of the energy consequences of fundamental design decisions.

MATCHBOX was developed []

Zibi - One Planet Community

Zibi Carbon Neutral Development, Ottawa


The Windmill Development vision is to create one of the world’s most sustainable and environmentally conscious communities on the planet. To accomplish this, Zibi follows an ambitious One Planet Action Plan, which is a model based on ten simple principles to make sustainable living easy and affordable for all. This model will help Zibi live and breathe within a fair share of the planet’s resources.

All buildings and structures at Zibi are carbon neutral; powered and heated by a combination []

Kathryn Findlay

I was privileged to work with Kathryn Findlay when she returned from Japan in 1999.
She was the first architect that I worked with who savoured a deep understanding of the environment and who would then interpret these factors into her unique, breathtaking designs. An absolute one-off, and a pleasure to have known and worked with, you will be missed, thank you for living your vision.

British architect Kathryn Findlay dies aged 60