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Zibi - One Planet Community

Zibi Carbon Neutral Development, Ottawa


The Windmill Development vision is to create one of the world’s most sustainable and environmentally conscious communities on the planet. To accomplish this, Zibi follows an ambitious One Planet Action Plan, which is a model based on ten simple principles to make sustainable living easy and affordable for all. This model will help Zibi live and breathe within a fair share of the planet’s resources.

All buildings and structures at Zibi are carbon neutral; powered and heated by a combination []

Kathryn Findlay

I was privileged to work with Kathryn Findlay when she returned from Japan in 1999.
She was the first architect that I worked with who savoured a deep understanding of the environment and who would then interpret these factors into her unique, breathtaking designs. An absolute one-off, and a pleasure to have known and worked with, you will be missed, thank you for living your vision.

British architect Kathryn Findlay dies aged 60

Lieutenent Governor Award

Lieutenant Governor’s Design Awards for Architecture

The Seaport Farmers Market was awarded the Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor’s Design Awards for Architecture.
The award winning team led by Keith Tufts, Partner at Lydon Lynch Architects (centre), with from L-R, Michel Comeau, Denis Morris, Mark Atwood and Trevor Butler.
The Seaport Farmers’ Market uses 75% less power and water than required by the National Model Energy Code. Harvesting free natural resources and responding to the seasons, the Market is one of the most sustainably designed, low energy buildings in North []


New Book

Around and About Stock Orchard Street, edited by Sarah Wigglesworth is a “ten year on” review of the Straw Baled House and Office in London, where Sarah’s architectural practice is based.
Trevor Butler was a contributing author to two of the chapters, on “what do we mean by green”, and “from innovation to common place”; both themes clear in his work and practice.
The launch of the book took place at the RIBA, with Kevin McCloud whose TV show ]

La Petite Rivière

La Petite Rivière update

We are delighted to be collaborating with the client and design team on this unique sustainable development in Montreal.

For more information, visit the Project Website

Pictou Landing First Nations

Pictou Landing Health Centre wins 2010 International Architecture Award

The Chicago Athenaeum 2010 International Award for Architecture goes to Pictou Landing First Nations Health Centre, Nova Scotia Canada. The building uses 100% FSC timber from local managed forests and incorporates passive solar design principles in it’s shape and form. Archineers provided thermal modeling and systems engineering design to the client and architects, Richard Kroeker of Piskwepaq Design Inc.

Full details of the awards here.

Mansfield Street

Mansfield Street wins RIBA Award 2010

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) have awarded the 2010 Award for Architecture for the project in Central London, W1, aka The Forest of Light.

Archineers worked with the architects to transform an awkward L-shaped attic space that had lain derelict for 50 years; in to a calm oasis high above the roofs of Marylebone.  The two former maid’s quarters atop a grade II listed Beaux Art residential building and have been joined and fitted out as timber panelled rooms in []

Halifax Farmers' Market

Farmers Market, Halifax – Construction in progress


The construction work on the Halifax Farmers Market is well underway and still on course for a summer 2010 opening, just in time for the glorious Nova Scotian peak tourist and fresh produce season.

The new envelope is taking shape, the east facing seawall is complete with new insulation, doorways and natural ventilation dampers. The lanterns that provide heat and light throughout the year are now clearly visible.

The rainwater harvesting systems that collects, filters and supplies water from the 20,000sqft []

Earth coupled ventilation

Earth Coupled Ventilation – LIVE Data


The Wilden Community in north Kelowna has attracted attention as Kelowna’s green community, as it is linked to geo-exchange systems for the residential units there. However, one particular house has stretched the boundaries even further.

The house incorporates an earth coupled ventilation system – to supply fresh air that is tempered through underground ducts. Whilst this technology is common in Europe, this is the first of it’s kind in the Okanagan.

Both Archineers and the house owner are keen to monitor the []

Resource Recovery Pyramid

Ministry of Community and Rural Development’s Integrated Resource Recovery

British Columbia: The Ministry of Community and Rural Development has completed its evaluation process and has announced that Archineers working with Urban Systems are now Qualified Consultants for the range of services related to Integrated Resource Recovery as follows:

Anaerobic Digestion of Wet Organic Waste;
Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat.
Combustion of Dry Organic Waste;
Composting of Organic Waste;
District Energy Systems for Heating and Cooling;
Gasification of Dry Waste to Synthesis Gas; and
Nutrient Reclamation from Wastewater;
Reclamation of Heat and Cold from Wastewater Using Heat Pumps; []