Earth Coupled Ventilation – LIVE Data


The Wilden Community in north Kelowna has attracted attention as Kelowna’s green community, as it is linked to geo-exchange systems for the residential units there. However, one particular house has stretched the boundaries even further.

The house incorporates an earth coupled ventilation system – to supply fresh air that is tempered through underground ducts. Whilst this technology is common in Europe, this is the first of it’s kind in the Okanagan.

Both Archineers and the house owner are keen to monitor the performance of the earth tubes, and an integrated monitoring system has been installed with live data supplied via modem to website

The concept of earth coupled ventilation is being monitored through further projects with the UBCO engineering school for fnal year students.

Trevor Butler of Archineers said, “The magic behind this system is it’s low-cost simplicity and has the potential to reduce energy bills for Okanagan buildings, whilst enabling everyone to minimise their Carbon footprint”.