Farmers Market, Halifax – Construction in progress


The construction work on the Halifax Farmers Market is well underway and still on course for a summer 2010 opening, just in time for the glorious Nova Scotian peak tourist and fresh produce season.

The new envelope is taking shape, the east facing seawall is complete with new insulation, doorways and natural ventilation dampers. The lanterns that provide heat and light throughout the year are now clearly visible.

The rainwater harvesting systems that collects, filters and supplies water from the 20,000sqft green roof is now installed, and ready to serve the irrigation and WC flushing needs of visitors and vendors.

The internal floor slab is cast, encapsulating in-floor radiant heating pipework, run from geo-exchange heat pumps and evacuated-tube solar thermal collectors.

The press are following the project closely, with links here and here.

The project is being assessed using LEED, and aims to achieve the highest score.

Archineers Consulting provided input into the environmental concept strategy for the project and worked with Lydon Lynch and M&R through the design process to bring these to reality.