Ministry of Community and Rural Development’s Integrated Resource Recovery

British Columbia: The Ministry of Community and Rural Development has completed its evaluation process and has announced that Archineers working with Urban Systems are now Qualified Consultants for the range of services related to Integrated Resource Recovery as follows:

  • Anaerobic Digestion of Wet Organic Waste;
  • Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat.
  • Combustion of Dry Organic Waste;
  • Composting of Organic Waste;
  • District Energy Systems for Heating and Cooling;
  • Gasification of Dry Waste to Synthesis Gas; and
  • Nutrient Reclamation from Wastewater;
  • Reclamation of Heat and Cold from Wastewater Using Heat Pumps; and
  • Wastewater Reclamation (Water Reuse).

Further details found on the Ministry website and we are listed on the list of Qualified Consultants with Urban Systems here.