Forest Green Rovers Eco-Stadium


The shortlisted design led by Richard Kroeker with Roly Hudson took into consideration the whole experience of the game being played within a natural setting – the stadium is treated as a landform covered in natural vegetation.

The seating in the stadium is oriented to face away from the afternoon sun and steeply raked to give spectators an intense experience close to the action on the field. The canopy is a tensile structure to protect spectators from rain, but also to harvest solar energy through thin advanced photovoltaic technology.

The engineering design, led by Trevor Butler, pursues a holistic and integrated approach with the architecture and landscape – comprising ventilation earth tubes buried into the mounds, with thermal energy provided by geoexchange heat pumps powered by 100% on-site renewable energy. Natural wetlands treat the waste water generated on site, and be safely integrated with the existing natural waterway in a way which heightens the cultural experience of the site and enhances biodiversity.

The siting and construction strategy preserves the biodiversity of the natural landscape, while creating significant recreational space and serving the needs of a major sporting facility.

Further information:
The Architects’ Journal, Forest Green Rovers FC.