Ventilation, thermal comfort and indoor air quality in schools

The classroom air quality must be improved. The promotion of rapid ventilation for air flushing of classrooms to exhaust body odour, flatulence and food/meals as well as the higher metabolic rate following break-time physical activity. Did Ole Fanger teach us nothing?

This goes beyond the steady state outdoor air supply rates typical for normal classroom activities when all students are calm and orderly. But for those times, typically after lunch, there needs to be a mechanism that allows teachers to override for 10-15 minutes and flush out stale air. Think: opening your car window for a brief minute after passing that dairy farm.

The rest of the guidance appears well thought out and reasoned, but the allowable CO2 concentrations for nat vent appear to be on the high side. I would prefer below 1000ppm at all times. Please click and comment to the Department for Education.

Department for Education Consultation