PODS – Net Zero Energy + Biophilic Design

The Pender Harbour Ocean Discovery Station (PODS) will be located in Irvines Landing, Sunshine Coast, BC, consisting of auditorium, aquarium, exhibit, dive centre, a restaurant and laboratories.

The overarching Sustainability goals of the project are Net-Zero Energy, Net-zero water and Biophilic architecture – to mimic natural systems in building and site design to enhance and restore natural ecological systems and human health benefits.

The architecture of the building incorporates integrated passive design strategies and other energy efficient mechanical systems. The owners and operators of the building would like to make the sustainable features of the building visible, encouraging awareness and engagement from the users.

The client and architects have worked together with the design team and determined that an integrated design will deliver robust, intuitive and interactive learning building systems to encourage environmental awareness.

Ruby Lake Lagoon Society , Deutscher Architecture and reLoad Sustainable Design Inc