Fergie’s Café, Squamish

This is an inspirational project, much beloved – and currently greatly missed – by the local Brackendale and Squamish community. However, works are in progress for the new kitchen – which has been designed to operate in the most energy efficient manner possible – becoming quite probably the greenest kitchen in Canada. Local materials in the construction – making use of timber byproducts via StructureCraft in the form of DLT – and orientating the space to maximise brilliant clear daylight and focal-framed views of the legendary Alpha Mountain peak. The natural, ambient energy sources of the site are utilised via the fresh alpine air and the warmth beneath the forest floor to provide passive tempering of make-up air and hot water for the wash-up. This will be a model for sustainability and raise the super experience for commercial kitchen design for years to come.

Further details on the project can be found in this excellent article

Archineers are proud to be providing mechanical engineering design for the kitchen and ancillary spaces.

Owner: Sunwolf
General Contractor: BearPM
Architect: Hunter Office
Energy Modelling: reLoad
Structural: Twin Peaks
Instagram: fergiescafesquamish