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Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market

Farmers Market, Halifax – Construction underway

The new home for Halifax Farmers Market, on the seawall, is underway. The project incorporates living green roofs, solar thermal, geoexchange, rainwater harvesting within the sensitive refurbishment of the derelict former Pier Building on the Historic Waterfront.

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of news pages here at Archineers.com. In future articles we hope to bring you all the latest on the projects we’re involved in and the stories that are making headlines in the world of sustainability.

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Riverview Destination Resort – Edmonton, AB, Canada (2006)


The Project

Creation of a self-sufficient destination resort including golf course, hotel, spa and residential property.

The 1500 acre site borders the North Saskatchewan river and comprises areas of plains, forest, ravine, flood plain and riverbank. The site has 4km of frontage on the river and the area has convenient relationships to the nearby town of Devon and the Edmonton International Airport.

The Brief

To establish the project as a leader in sustainability with a goal of self-sufficiency in terms of energy, water and []

Pictou Landing

Pictou Landing First Nation Health Center – NS, Canada (2004)


The Project

A new health centre for Pictou Landing First Nation (PLFN) Community in Northern Nova Scotia.

The Brief

A highly sustainable building that demonstrates its ecological design through use of traditional and modern technology, whilst enabling the users to operate effectively and efficiently.

The Solution

The bent timber frame trusses pioneered by Richard Kroeker were constructed on site by workers from PLFN. The building itself is highly insulated, provides shelter from the ocean and opens up to the sun through its open “arms”. This []


Kasahara Community Centre – Japan (2000)


The Project

A new community centre for the town of Kasahara.

The Brief

The building should be expressive and highly sustainable that allows the community to take full benefit of a flexible, low maintenance and highly versatile space.

The Solution

The shell-like qualities of the design are striking. On closer inspection, they reveal the passive design of the building and how it responds to the sun, wind and provides a showcase for local materials through the 1″ diameter circular tiles that cover the skin. This []