Every project is unique, every solution tailor-made.

At Archineers, we have the privilege of working on a wide diversity of projects. Whether large-scale commercial projects, community projects, residential buildings, education or charitable work, we bring the same passion and commitment to making the world a greener place.

The following projects have been selected to give you a taste of the range of services we can offer.

Thames Tidal Powered School (2016/17)

Thames Tidal Powered School

Working with Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture the concept comprises a new building poised on the Thames wharf side at Cannon Street that is an exemplar of low embodied energy and carbon construction technologies, using natural and bio-renewable materials sourced through local supply chains.

Okanagan College Daycare - Passive House (2016/17)

Okanagan College Daycare

The Okanagan College Daycare project is seeking Passive House certification, which will make it the most energy efficient daycare in North America.

Vineyard Marina Project – Kelowna, BC (2008-14)

Located on picturesque Okanagan Lake, this comprehensive development will include a world-class vineyard, winery, boutique hotel, marina, boardwalk, yacht club and several restaurants.

Blatchford – Edmonton, AB, Canada (2010-2013)

Transformation of the downtown airport into a new sustainable community.

UNDP – Mauritius (2011-2012)

Standard designs for low and middle-income housing, schools, and other building needs in Mauritius, as requested by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Seaport Farmers' Market - Halifax, NS, Canada (2010)

North America’s oldest farmers’ market has become its greenest with the transformation of former pier buildings on Halifax Seawall. Highly insulated, with solar, wind and geo-thermal energy production, the building will achieve an 80% reduction in carbon footprint as well as recycling rainwater for flushing toilets and irrigation for food production on the building’s green roof.