Pictou Landing First Nation Health Center – NS, Canada (2004)


The Project

A new health centre for Pictou Landing First Nation (PLFN) Community in Northern Nova Scotia.

The Brief

A highly sustainable building that demonstrates its ecological design through use of traditional and modern technology, whilst enabling the users to operate effectively and efficiently.

The Solution

The bent timber frame trusses pioneered by Richard Kroeker were constructed on site by workers from PLFN. The building itself is highly insulated, provides shelter from the ocean and opens up to the sun through its open “arms”. This passive design is supplemented through ground-sourced heat pumps and high efficient heat recovery. Archineers have also provided a strategy for the future energy, water and waste treatment needs for the community. These include tidal power through the Boat Harbour Pond, Anaerobic digestion and wind turbine.


Architects – Piskwepaq Design Inc (Richard Kroeker, Brian Lilley, Roger Mullin)

Construction – Kevin Loewen