Riverview Destination Resort – Edmonton, AB, Canada (2006)


The Project

Creation of a self-sufficient destination resort including golf course, hotel, spa and residential property.

The 1500 acre site borders the North Saskatchewan river and comprises areas of plains, forest, ravine, flood plain and riverbank. The site has 4km of frontage on the river and the area has convenient relationships to the nearby town of Devon and the Edmonton International Airport.

The Brief

To establish the project as a leader in sustainability with a goal of self-sufficiency in terms of energy, water and waste. This was driven partly because connections to an existing infrastructure were not possible given economic constraints; therefore green technologies that offer environmental benefits also win economically.

The Solution

Archineers presented a strategy regarding the process of sustainable development, stressing the importance of considering the triple bottom line (economic, social and environmental), and planning for continuing monitoring and maintenance to address risk management and long term issues. Our report addressed the utility options to determine the optimum carbon efficient and cost effective method to serve the mixed use accommodation. We developed a building design methodology that was low energy and optimised for passive environmental design and also provided costed and technical options for the whole site utility infrastructure. These two factors were key in setting the framework for making the delivery of Riverview a truly sustainable development.

Technologies incorporated in the project include CHP, solar thermal, inter-seasonal heat storage, ground source heat pumps, wind power, photovoltaics, boreholes, rainwater harvesting and anaerobic digestion.


Trans America (Eli Adler); L’Oeuf Architects (Danny Pearl); Stantec (Blair McCarry)