Meadowbrook – Montréal, QC, Canada (2007)


The Project

The creation of a new sustainable community in the city of Montreal, Canada, for developer Groupe Pacific.

The Brief

The sustainability targets raised the bar for the city of Montreal with aspirations to achieve WWF’s One Planet Living status. L’Oeuf Architects organised a two day “charrette” – a workshop to explore, discuss and develop sustainable design options with the inter-disciplinary team of landscape architects, urban designers, engineers and architects.

The Solution

The outcome of the charrette identified opportunities and clarified constraints for the future development on the site. Archineers brought their expertise to the table to propose solutions to make the project carbon neutral through application of large-scale on-site renewable energy, provided by wind turbines by the railroad sidings. We also developed a community consultation strategy whereby close engagement with and understanding of local needs and concerns could be embraced within design proposals. Included in our services, we developed a water management system which included flood prevention, rainwater management and cleaning of the polluted brook that bisects the site. With a view to the future and phasing of the construction works, we carried out preliminary calculations on energy consumption and the commercial opportunities for providing an ESCo solution to site infrastructure. In order to capture the bio-climatic benefits of the site, Archineers worked with the urban designers to position the orientation and scale of the buildings.


L’Oeuf Architects (Danny Pearl); NIPpaysage (Michel Langevin); Groupe Pacific (Michael Bedzow).