Blatchford – Edmonton, AB, Canada (2010-2013)


The Project

The City of Edmonton held an International Design Competition inviting designs for the transformation of the downtown airport into a new sustainable community.

The Brief

The ECCA lands will be home to 30,000 Edmontonians living, working and learning in a sustainable community that is carbon neutral, using 100% renewable energy and served by North America’s greenest utility infrastructure. Perkins+Will invited Archineers to join their master planning team to work on the district wide infrastructure, utilities and green building standards.

The Solution

Archineers worked with the P+W team on this international award winning competition and project. Alberta has one of the highest carbon-content electrical grids in Canada, so the first challenge was to develop carbon neutral energy supply scenarios. These include biomass from wood industry, sawmills, beetle kill; agricultural waste, dried sewage sludge. Further options included Enhanced Geothermal Systems and solar electricity. Surplus heat sources have the potential to serve buildings off‐site in the downtown core – including the hospitals, Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton City Hall and the Alberta Legislature.

Reduction in City water consumption is achievable through purple pipe system to supply treated, recycled wastewater for flushing. Stormwater will be contained on site through holding ponds – reuse for irrigation. Efficient garbage collection provided through centralized pneumatic waste separation and collection system.

Green Building design minimum prescriptive checklist has been drafted to provide developer and designer requirements to achieve the world-class sustainability and energy efficiency goals for the development.


(Peter Busby, Joyce Drohan, Blair T. McCarry)