Greywater – Seasonal Irrigation

Our watersheds are facing a crisis – that goes beyond supply and demand. Whole ecosystems are at risk due to loss of habitat from over extraction and excessive run-off due to increase in high intensity storms and loss of natural absorbing mechanisms.

We have to adopt methods that reduce potable water demand, whilst still maintaining standards of public health that we have built and developed through our history.

The summer season is clearly the most at-risk time for water resources, when water drawn from hill-top reservoirs or the lakes is used for irrigation of landscape and agriculture.

A seasonal alternative to potable water exists through the use of greywater (shower, baths – and sometimes laundry) for irrigation of landscaped areas – delivered through subsurface pipework. Seasonal greywater systems make sense economically and environmentally. Recent changes to legislation enable the use of greywater as a sub-surface irrigation source to be used.

The subsurface irrigation includes:

  • Irrigating retaining naturally planted retaining wall structures
  • Xeri-scape areas of landscaping
  • Energy crop/bioenergy plants
  • Green roofs/biodiversity

Summer 2019 UPDATE: The following example designed by Archineers shows collection, filtration, distribution and discharge – meets JHA standards

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