Master Planning

We work alongside developers and their master planners to ensure that maximum sustainable benefits are gained during the consideration of large-scale development. Key benefits include identification of synergies between mixed-use buildings, alternative utilities (such as CHP) and integration of bio-climatic principles into the urban grid.

Concept / Feasibility

In order to develop highly sustainable buildings, we are often invited to collaborate with leading architectural practices from day one of development in concept designs that integrate sustainability thinking. We bring our engineering expertise to our projects and communicate across inter-disciplinary boundaries.

Full Delivery

Often maximum value of our appointment is achieved up to the design development/detailed design stage. However, we have the capability to deliver full contract documentation required for construction and tendering purposes, to see the process through to completion.


Clients include: L'OEUF; Piskwepaq Design Inc; Ushida Findlay Architects; Sarah Wigglesworth Architects; Tonkin Liu; Idea Architects; Lydon Lynch.