Through our innovative approach as a sustainable design practice, we have been invited to speak and collaborate with leading international universities. We have developed new modules that enable sustainable development to be taught in an inter-disciplinary fashion. We also partner with universities to carry out research into sustainability.


We are regularly invited to address audiences at major international conferences where we share our experiences, lessons learned and successes of our active practice in the field of sustainable engineering. We also host conferences for all manner of people and businesses with an interest in sustainability.


Our work has been published in conference proceedings and national and international press. We also produce regular columns and technical studies that promote and explore sustainability issues in industry press.


Our broadcast media work has included speaking on sustainability issues for the BBC World Service and educational seminars for corporate clients.


Clients include: Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada; BBC.co.uk; Cambridge University, UK; Université de Montreal, Canada; RICS.